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Pillager Ed Foundation
2011 4x400M Relay

Pillager Track & Field State Meet Participants Boys

(One Class thru 72, Class B  73-75, Class A  76-Present)

Dennis Lothenbach             880yd (75-4th,76-6th,77-1st)


Scott Tryggeseth                                 Long Jump (85-1st)

                                                100m (85)

Wayne Klatt                         Shot Put (85-6th)

Pat Edeburn                          Triple Jump (85)

Mark Kowalski                     3200m (85)


Jeremy Rondorf                    Discus (91,93-1st)

                                                4x400m Relay (92-7th)

Russ Holsapple                    4x400m Relay (92-7th)

Trevor Harting                      4x400m Relay (92-7th)

Brian Hines                           4x400m Relay (92-7th)

Travis Wermter                    4x400m Relay (92alt-7th)


Mark Gaalswyk                     Pole Vault (02-9th,03-5th)

Luke Kavanaugh                  High Jump (03-3rd)


Peter Fredman                       ShotPut (05-9th)


John Knebel                          300m Hurdles (06-5th,07-3rd)

Andrej Tomasek                   High Jump (07-7th)


Andy Knebel                        110m Hurdles (08,09-5th)

2009 State Meet
                            High Jump (09-9th)

Tony Davison                      Pole Vault (09,10-7th)


Wesley DeLong                   800m (10-7th)

                                                400m (10-7th,11-4th)

                                                4x400m Relay (11-5th)

Shane White                         110m Hurdles (10-8th)

                                                4x400m Relay (11alt-5th)

Sean Nokken                         4x400m Relay (11-5th)

Devan Strack                        4x400m Relay (11-5th)

Matt Neururer                       4x400m Relay (11-5th)

Dakota Kadus                       4x400m Relay (11alt-5th)

Cory VanHal                         Pole Vault (11)



Pillager Track & Field State Meet Participants Girls

(One Class 72-75, Class A  76-Present)

Becky Nelson               220yrd (72)

Joyce Hime                    Long Jump (72)

Becky Wyffels              880yrd (72)


Jane Reimer                   Long Jump (73-9th)

Jill Sandberg                 Shot Put (73)

Trisha Reimer                220yd (73)

                                        50yd Hurdles (73)

                                        Long Jump (75-5th)

2011 State Meet
Low Hurdles (76-3rd)

                                        180yd Low Hurdles (76-7th)


Gail Marshall                 180yd Hurdles (78)              


Barb Farber                   Shot Put (80)


Julie Anderson             1600m (83,84-5th)

                                        800m (83)

                                        3200m (84-3rd)

Leslie Stetson               200m (83)              


Carrie Christie               100m (89)


Alyssa Fredman           Shot Put (98,99)


Laura Pace                     100m Hurdles (02-8th,03,04-1st,05-1st,06-1st)

                                        4x100m Relay (03)

                                        300m Hurdles (04-8th,05)

                                        Triple Jump (04-4th,05-7th,06-1st)

                                        Long Jump (06-1st)

Kass Sullivan                4x100m Relay (03)

Brianna Hoheisel          4x100m Relay (03)

Miyuki Hirachi              4x100m Relay (03)

Katlin Krause                Pole Vault (06-9th,07)

Kim Rardin                    800m (08)