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The social studies department is made of 5 teachers.

 Lynn Enberg teaches 6th grade social studies.  She shares her passion of world history with her students.  The 6th graders go on in classroom field trips as she shows pictures of ancient sites.  Mrs. Enberg also teaches Minnesota government and in the Spring of the year the 6th grade goes to the State Capital on a real field trip.


Chris Berent  and Wade Mortenson are the Middle school social studies teachers.  Chris  teaches 7th grade American History.  He has been also known as King Berent amongst his students.  The 7th graders are plunged back in history to Colonial Times.  Students set up their own colonies and King Berent will grant them a charter.  Mr. Berent has many such projects for his students.


Wade Mortenson is our 8th grade Geography teacher and our 9th grade Civics teacher. In 8th grade, students learn about many different countries.  Mr Mortenson brings the countries to life by showing pictures from various countries.  Students do various projects and ‘virtually’ get to know their countries.


In 9th grade students will take Civics.  Mr. Mortenson and Mr. Bentson have gotten Minnesota house of Representative ward in to speak to their classes.  Pillager has been lucky to have had many of our Local Senators and House of Representatives, county Commissioners, and mayors visiting our classes.


Mr. Jim Bentson gives his students another civics lesson about what it means to be a good citizen. Mr. Bentson has been in the National Guards.  He has served in Europe in what used to be Yugoslavia and in Belgium where he was training troops.  Mr. Bentson has been deployed in Iraq for the past two years and is now back from active duty.  Our school is very proud of Mr. Bentson’s service.


U.S History is taken by all 10th grade students.  These courses are taught by Jim Bentson and Gabrielle Schmidt.  Both classes have many hands on projects.  Mrs. Schmidt’s class have often done skits for class and other classes.


Students in grades 11 & 12 have many choices to take for Social Studies. We offer two college classes.  College Sociology and College Psychology are offered in the Fall or Spring.   Gabrielle Schmidt teaches these classes.


Other popular electives in Social Studies, which are taught by many different teachers are: Ancient World History and 20th Century History, and the ever popular Criminal Justice and Current events classes.  World Geography and Economics are other offerings and tend to be offered every other year for students.


Mr. Jim Bentson

Mr. Chris Berent

Mr. Wade Mortenson

Ms. Gabrielle Schmidt