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Board Meetings

     The Pillager Public Board of Education usually meets on the third Monday of each month. These are “Regular” Board meetings.  When this meeting conflicts with a legal holiday, the Board meets on the second Monday. 


     The Board meeting takes place in the School Board Meeting Room which is located in the Southwest corner of the Secondary and Elementary office area.  To reach the Board Meeting Room, you need to come in the door that faces South under the Elementary School sign, Door "E". The meetings start at 7:00 PM.


     There is always a possibility of conflict, necessitating a change of meeting date or location.  Although rare, when it is necessary, the public will be informed through the local news media whenever possible.


     Business at certain periods during the year sometimes make it necessary to recess a meeting to a future date.  There are also instances when a “Special Meeting” must be called to consider certain specified actions.  In both instances, the public will be informed of such meetings whenever possible.


     All meetings of the full Board (regular, special, emergency and adjourned) are open to the public.  In fact, the public is urged to attend.

Public Participation

     Meetings of the Board of Education will follow a standard agenda.  Items not placed on the agenda may be considered at the meeting upon agreement of the members of the board present.  To place an item on the agenda, the following procedures should be used.


     The applicant should file a written request with the Superintendent’s office at least ten days prior to the scheduled meeting.  The request should include the name, address and telephone number of the person or persons making the request; a statement describing the action the applicant wishes the Board to take and background information outlining the reasons for the request.


     The Board of Education desires public participation at its meetings, but at the same time has the responsibility for conducting its business in an orderly fashion.  Residents are encouraged to contact board members prior to the start of the meeting if they want to comment on agenda items.


     The meeting of the Board of Education is a public meeting.  However, it is not a meeting of the public, it is a meeting of the Board.  Therefore, members of the audience are encouraged to be heard prior to Board discussion on an agenda item. A special time slot will be placed on the regular agenda for members of the audience.  This will allow members of the audience time to comment prior to the Board making a decision.  Therefore members of the audience generally will not be allowed to comment at other times during the