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Click on the individual courses for more information.

This is my class schedule 

Semester 1                                                             Semester 2

1st hour U.S. History                                        1st prep

2nd hour World Religions                                  2nd College Philosophy

3rd hour  Prep                                                   3rd College anthropology

4th hour U.S. History                                         4th  U.S. History

5th hour:  U.S. history                                        5th  U.S. History

6th hour College Psychology                              6th College Sociology



Please feel free to call me in the mornings, at lunch 12:45-1:00 or my prep 8:20-9:20  Or after School.     You can also email me at: gschmidt@pillager.k12.mn.us

There is a class description for each course- It is a small run down of what we do in class. 

Cultural Anthropology
Thisis an introductory College class.  We will be working  with LSC .

This is an introductory class for College

World Religions
This is a college/High school course.

It studies the various religions of the world

US History
In this class we review the Colonial period.  We do several early projects on The Revolutionary War- A you were there idea.... We go in greater depth for the Civil War and the students do a presention to their peers.  Students do talk about posters when covering the West and make their own Ad for early inventions.  They will study WWII & WWII  And we will do different projects when covering our 20th Century.  We generally end with the early 1980's The 80's-  Just doesn't seem like History to me!!

www.classzone.com is a great place to review chapters, concepts, and find research information!

College Psychology
Students have a chance to earn college credit in this course.  We are working with CLC for college credit.  I have been very fortunate to have various speakers come in to speak to this class!

My Psyc lab is a tool students can use for this class.  See your textbook for more information on how to access this.

schmidt_001Our college Socilogy class is also with LSC in Brainerd.  We often observe different groups.   the Elelmentary is always a great source for observations!


Ms. Schmidt
I have been teaching at Pillager for over 10 years. I received my Masters in Education from the College of St. Scholastica in 1997. I received my Bachelor of Science degree from Bemidji Sate. While at Bemidji I majored in Social Studies and History. I have taken 2 course on the Holocaust for graduate level credit.

At Pillager I have been teaching a College Psychology and College Sociology classes both through Lake Superior College. I have been doing so for the past 5 years. As of 2008 we are now working with CLC in Brainerd