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Pillager Ed Foundation
What do all these acronyms mean? Although you may not be familiar with these you will want to know what they mean.  NCLB is the No Child Left Behind law.  This involves the federal legislation and federal funds that are sent to school districts throughout the state.  The NCLB legislation was one of President Bush’s accomplishments shortly after his election.  It is strongly supported by Republicans and Democrats alike.  The   Minnesota Department of Education works with your Local Education Agency (the School) to help all students.  One of the ways that this happens is through our Title I program.  Our School receives  money   through the state and federal government to help our students.  We are a school wide program  in the elementary so although we may identify your son or daughter as needing extra help they are not usually pulled out of the classroom but do  receive  additional help through extra teachers in the classroom.   Pillager school offers that help through smaller reading groups and the addition of extra teacher help in the classroom for math. 

The Pillager school has also applied for Safe and Drug Free funds through the same kinds of programs.  We work with Freshwater to provide many programs to help keep our school safe for your child. 

There is information available to you about the MDE and Pillager school on the MDE web site. Please visit http://education.state.mn.us/MDEAnalytics/Reports.jspfor more information about MDE or visit http://education.state.mn.us/MDEAnalytics/Reports.jsp. to find information on Pillager’s testing results and other information.  Please feel free to call Wanda Bell your LEA  person at Pillager School.