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The following are links to pages beyond the Pillager School website. Please notify svanhal@pillager.k12.mn.us immediately if you find links or materials that are inappropriate.


5th grade games (follow this link)

  The Civilization of the Incas  
 Inca Civilization  
 Earthquake - United States   United States - Past 7 days
 Time for Kids  
 World War I  
 Time for Kids - Spain  
 The Underground Railroad  
 American Memory   Born in Slavery
 American Memory   African American Spirituals
 Homograph Jeopardy Game (1 or 2 players)  
 Earthquakes - World   World - Past 7 days
 Choose Your Year  
 Eyes on Idioms  
 Power Proofreading: Choose 5th Grade  
  Meanings of Words in Context  
 Setting Match  
 Vocabulary in Context  
 Simile Quiz  
 Make your Own Crossword Puzzle  
 Quia Activities  
 On the Day You were Born  
 Internet 4 Classrooms  
 Mayan Kids  
 News Articles with Questions  
 Reading Standards Games  
 Reading Comprehension Tests (1)  
 Reading Comprehension Tests (2)  
 Mad Blast (Map Test)  

 Vikings BBC  
 Thorkel Activity  
 Viking Quest game  
 Tour a Viking house  
 Viking Exhibit  
 The Face of Russia  
 The Romanovs  
 History and Culture of Russia: An Overview  
 Ancient China  
 Chinese Inventions  
 The Forbidden City  
 Visions of China  
 Timeline of Chinese Dynasties  
 Forbidden City Slideshow  
 Italian City States  
 Renaissance Art  
 Links to Renaissance Topics  
 Explorers Dictionary  
 Early Explorers  
 Lewis and Clark Interactive  
 Lewis and Clark PBS  
 The West-The People  
 The West: Timeline of Events  
 The Wild West  
 Timeline of African American History  
 Black History Month  
 MLK/Civil Rights Movement Timeline  
 Famous African Americans  
 Channel 2 African American Lives  
 Underground Railroad Adventure  
 Brain Pop Civil War  
 Links: Abraham Lincoln  
 Native American Site  
 Native American Scavenger Hunt  
 The Early United States  

 Times Tables games  
 All About Fractions  
 Multiplication Mystery  
 Word Problems   Fractions and Estimations
 Online Math  
 Play Ball: Graphing and Data  
 Review Math Test  
 School Store: Making Change  
 Decimal Estimate  
 Rabbit Multiplication  
 Spinning Wheels Multiplication  
 Guess the Number  
 Addition and Subtraction  
 Measurement Basics  
 Division All in the Family  

 Time for Kids