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The following are links to pages beyond the Pillager School website. Please notify svanhal@pillager.k12.mn.us immediately if you find links or materials that are inappropriate.


4th grade games (follow this link)


 Africa Video  
 Basic Information about Africa  
 Africa Geography Quiz  
 Wonders of Africa  
 Africa Geo Quiz  
 Another Quiz  
 Map of Africa  
 Climate of Africa  
 African Animals  
 Castles: National Geographic  
 Life in the Middle Ages  
 Middle Ages  
 The Constitution  
 Our Rights  
 Democracy Notebook  
 The Revolutionary Period  
 Quiz Yourself About the 50 States  
 Bios of Famous African Americans  
 African American Bio List  
 Kids Web Japan   Maps, culture, and more
 Major Mountains   Famous mountains of the world
 The Voyageurs  
 History of the Minnesota Fur Trade  
 Fur Trade Timeline  
 Betsy Ross home page  
 Flag Information  
 Perspectives on Liberty  
 Revolution Timeline  

 Math Journey  
 Guess the Decimal  
 Decimal Estimation  
 Decimal Switch  
 Guess the Metric Weight  
 Shade in the Fractions  
 Behind the Blob  
 Word Problems  
 Lots of Fraction Practice  
 AAA Math Fraction Practice  
 4th Grade Math Practice  
 Adding Decimals  
 Multiplication Word Problems  
 4th Grade Math Activities  
 Division Practice  
 Times Tables  
 Area and Perimeter Lesson  
 Area and Perimeter  
 BBC Math  
 Match shaded pictures and fractions   Very engaging
 Fact Family Practice  
 Percentage/Decimal Match  
 Place Value Lesson   Excellent on your projector for the whole class!
 Function Machine  
 Adding Decimals at the School Store  
 Grops of Dogs: Arrays  
 Coordinate Points  
 What's the Point on the Grid?  
 More Grid Practice  
 Fraction Quiz  

 Spelling Practice  
 Eye on Idioms  
 Paint by Idioms  
 Magnetic Poetry