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The following are links to pages beyond the Pillager School website. Please notify svanhal@pillager.k12.mn.us immediately if you find links or materials that are inappropriate.


Third grade games (follow this link)


 Speed Grid Addition  
 Speed Grid Subtraction  
 Cyberchase Math Games  
 Sum Sense Addition  
 Sum Sense Subtraction  
 Coin Counting  
 Numeral Names  
 Double Digit Subtraction  
 Power Proofreading:Choose 3rd Grade!  
 Funny Poetry

 Illustrated Glossary of Geography Terms  
 Geography Online Quizzes  
 Canadian provinces  
 Interactive Map of Canada  
 Canada Treasure Trek  
 Inuit Culture Activities  
 Canada Province Quiz  
 Canadian Provinces: Names  
 About the Vikings  
 Thorkel the Viking Activity  
  BBC Vikings  
 Viking Saga  
 The First Americans  
 Animation of the Land Bridge  
 Explorer Encyclopedia  
 Colonial Kids  
 Clickable Map of the Thirteen Colonies  
 Ancient Romans BBC  
 Roman Gods  
 Fun Roman Activities  
 Settlers in Canada  
 Canada Geo Quiz  
 Ancient Rome  
 Earth System Cards  
 Interactive Map of the US