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The following are links to pages beyond the Pillager School website. Please notify svanhal@pillager.k12.mn.us immediately if you find links or materials that are inappropriate.


Kindergarten games

Language Arts
 ABC Match   Match the letter with the word that starts with its sound
 Connect the Dots- Letters and Numbers  
 Some Fun Links  

Math games
 How Many Fish?  
 Count the Ants  
 "Little Fingers" Activities  
 Count the Seahorses  
 Sequence the Events  
 Count Your Chickens  
 Sequence the Numbers  
 Complete the Pattern  
 Match Numbers  
 Count to 100  
 Mend the 100 grid  
 Find the Missing Number  
 Sorting Pennies and Dimes  
 Counting Down  
 From TVO Kids  


 Come Outside Game  
 Find the Missing Number   A number grid activity from the BBC
 The Book of Pooh   Connect the dots in A-B-C order
 Rolie Polie Olie   Connect the dots in 1-2-3 order
 StoryPlace Pre-school Library   Online activities and stories
 What's Different?  
 Penguin Dominoes  
 Find the Letter  
 Bits and Bobs: What is it?  
 "Little Fingers" Activities  
 Look Closer Game  
 Count Your Chickens  
 Sink or Float? Game  
 Sesame Street Games  
 Missing Number  
 Odd One Out  
 Match Letters   From BBC
 Sharing, Tidying, etc.  
 Maisy's Blocks  
 The Same Game  
 Who Has More?  
 The Recipe Game  
 Connect the Dots  
 Match Letters and Pictures  
 Peep and the Big World  

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