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Welcome to Mr.Kaufmann's

Forestry/Biotechnology/Biology Home Page

 Contact me:  kkaufmann@pillager.k12.mn.us    (218)-746-2162

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Each year classes collaborate with the business department to produce a wide variety of perennials, annuals, hanging baskets and patio pots.  Flowers are available to the public for reservation during our Community Arbor Day Celebration which is always held the last Friday in April.  During the Celebration the greenhouse is open for tours and plant reservations.  Please feel free to contact me for more information regarding our annual Community Celebration or regular plant sale that occurs each May.

There is agreement that this planet's increasing population is the number one environmental problem in the world. As world population increases from six billion to between 9-11 billion during the next 75 years, natural resource/raw materials management will move to the forefront of the human races' concerns. Competition for, and the management of raw materials for the production of food, shelter and energy needs of that many people will put unimaginable pressure on this planet's natural resources. Decisions concerning how and where to best utilize our resources to meet those challenges will require great public discussion and planning from a citizenry well educated in resource management. 

Course Description: This coursework is designed to give students a working understanding of biological principles as they apply to ecosystems and organisms. Using concepts in forestry, wildlife management and greenhouse production as a base, students will be involved in a hands-on approach to biology. Outdoor field work is required. GPS and GIS technology is employed as part of management planning assignments.

Biotechnology is projected to be one of Minnesota's most important industries of the future. Focus groups from industry and education recently identified knowledge in this area to be of primary importance to every high school student. This growing field, with the jobs it will create, the products it will produce, and the impact it will most certainly have on our daily lives and economy, now make a basic understanding of its principles an integral part of every informed citizen's education.

Course Description: This class is devoted to the study of cell biology, microbiology, and genetics as their principles and major concepts are applied in the field of biotechnology. Laboratory experiences are an essential part of this class and involve the use of biotechnology equipment and microbiology sterile protocol. Lab work includes cell biology, microbiological experiments, and biotechnology techniques involving: genetic engineering, protein isolation, purification and transfer, as well as DNA fingerprinting, electrophoresis, isolation and analysis.


This course is designed to explore the fundamental vertebrate body systems through the comparative study of their anatomy and physiology.  Dissections of major system organs & chordate class representatives will be a major component of the lab. Additionally, this class will spend time on the natural history, identification and characteristics of common MN animals from the five classes of vertebrates.

Course description:  This is a required course that will focus on the study of life and living systems.  In this course we will focus on covering the Minnesota Biology Standards including: cells, heredity, populations and change, diversity, interdependence of life, flow of matter & energy, and the human organism.

Course description: This biology course should be of particular interest to those students planning on a healthcare or animal science related career. This course will offer a detailed look at higher vertebrate anatomy and physiology. Lab work includes hands-on experience with most major body systems through dissections including a cat and fetal pig.

Mr. Karl Kaufmann
Mr. Kaufmann graduated Cum laude in biology from St. Cloud State University.  He holds a Master of Educational Leadership degree from Southwest State University.  In addition, Karl has completed MN DNR Woodland Stewardship training and is a U of M Extension Master Gardner.  Mr. Kaufmann is a member of the community and has taught at Pillager High School for the last 20 years.  A former Teacher of the Year,  his accomplishments include the start-up and development of our forestry & greenhouse programs for which he was awarded MN Forest Educator of the Year 2000 and the development of our biotechnology coursework for which he was honored by the University of Minnesota College of Biological Sciences; Outstanding Science Teacher Award 2003.