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Physical Science

6th Grade Physical Science Syllabus

Instructor:  Mr. Saulsbury

Course Outline



Welcome!!!   I am looking forward to a fun and exciting year with all of you.  This sheet contains lots of helpful information that you need to know while you’re in our class.  Do not lose it!


Course Objectives: (Our goals)

Students will increase their ability to observe natural phenomenon, record observations, collect and analyze data, while gaining an understanding of the world around them.  This will be accomplished through the exploration of Chemistry and Physics. 


Units of Study: This year we will be covering the following units.  Each unit is 3-6 chapters in length.


            Unit 1-Introduction to Science

            Unit 2- Introduction to Matter

            Unit 3- Interactions of Matter

Unit 4- Forces, Motion and Energy

Unit 5- Electricity and Magnetism

Unit 6- Sound and Light



Each student will be required to have a spiral bound notebook, 1” 3-ring binder, and a folder for use in class. A set of 3”x 5” index cards are also recommended.  Pencils are required for all tests/quizzes.  No gel pens allowed. A black felt-tipped marker / fine point permanent marker are recommended.  Colored pencils/markers will be provided. In addition, you should bring a chapter book of your choice, this book must be appropriate for your reading level.



Grades will be based on total accumulated points earned on: quizzes (announced and unannounced), tests, projects, lab work, homework and participation.  A small amount of extra credit will be available each quarter.  There will be no retaking of any assignments, tests or quizzes. 


Each student is responsible for their own work.  All late / missing work must be turned in before the Chapter test. Failure to comply with this rule will result in you being assigned to “The diner”.   


Grades will be assigned as follows:

            A   = 100-93%                                                C   = 76-73%

            A-  =    92-90%                                               C-  = 72-70%

            B+ =    89-87%                                               D+ = 69-67%

            B   =    86-83%                                               D   = 66-63%

            B-  =    82-80%                                               D-  = 62-60%

            C+ =    79-77%                                               U   =  0-59% is unacceptable.